Yousuf Fakhruddin

CEO - Fakhruddin Properties

Yousuf Fakhruddin, CEO of Fakhruddin Properties has been at the helm of the organization,leading it to new heights, for almost 2 decades now. He is an ardent believer in incorporation of advanced technology across the business and has marked his presence through various ventures in diversified business verticals over the course of his illustrious career. Yousuf has not just managed and represented Fakhruddin Properties as the CEO for 20 long years, he has also been a Board member of the well reputed homegrown brand of over half a century, Fakhruddin Holdings.
With his skilled expertise, keen observation, and exemplary leadership skills, Yousuf has led the Fakhruddin Properties from its humble origins and transformed it into a multinational organization that is now dealing in real-estate development in UAE, Africa, United Kingdom. As a board member of Fakhruddin Group, Yousuf has been the frontrunner in focusing on sustainability, energy optimization and reduction of negative environmental impact caused by human activity through the intelligent use of advanced technologies to drive business successes. He has played a crucial role in executing rapid and dynamic transformations to align company resources with the business goals.