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Home Automation and Energy Optimization within buildings can Dramatically reduce Emissions and Wastages

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Home Automation and Energy Optimization within buildings can Dramatically reduce Emissions and Wastages

Residential and Commercial Buildings account for a third of all global energy use and produce nearly fourth of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. Green architecture and sustainable design aim to lessen the environmental impact of buildings, using strategies such as energy efficiency, waste reduction, and the use of renewable materials. One way to further reduce the environmental impact of buildings is through Smart home automation and energy optimization.

Control of electronic devices to manage different aspects of a home, from lighting to security systems. Energy optimization includes the use of LED lights throughout the building, the set up of smart thermostats to control the HVAC systems and utilizing occupancy sensors to manage energy use across the building.

Home automation and energy optimization can be used in conjunction with green architecture and sustainable design principles to create more sustainable green buildings. By using home automation and energy optimization, we can reduce the amount of energy used in buildings, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and further enhancing savings by up to 30%.

The construction and development sector has tremendous scope to significantly conserve energy and reduce emissions by directing our efforts towards developing automation solutions and modern conservation techniques. We at Fakhruddin Properties lay particular focus on improving home automation and energy optimization right from the designing phase. We prioritize finding ways to decrease energy consumption and replace traditional components with more advanced and energy-efficient solutions.

Energy Optimization with AI

Our modern homes attempt to combat high energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions by implementing advanced energy optimization solutions. Our advanced solution adjusts the consumption of your HVAC, factoring in occupancy, time of the day, and whether to make calculated decisions. In addition, it continuously analyzes and optimizes multiple set points in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system of the building to ensure it runs at peak efficiency.

Energy-Efficient Glass & Blackout Blinds

All of our new projects come equipped with energy-efficient glass coats and black-out blinds. It’s an advanced energy optimization solution that allows homes to use energy efficiently by improving the thermal conductivity of windows without compromising on comfort. In addition, they use a special metallic coating that prevents the heat from radiators to escape, helping you save up on heating bills. The special coating also improves your home’s energy efficiency by regulating the heat and light from the sun.

 Geo-Fencing in Automation

Geo-Fencing in Automation is an emerging trend that uses geographic boundaries to automate systems in the homes in terms of lights, HVAC, etc. to make the living conditions ambient in smart automated homes. Geo-fencing allows developers to easily control their automated processes and machines within a specific geographic area. By setting up a virtual fence around pre-set perimeters to trigger a set of automation in a home, when a resident leaves or comes in close proximity to the set perimeters, As Geo-Fencing technology continues to mature, it has become a powerful tool for automation, allowing developers to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Energy-Efficient Paint & Coats

We rely on advanced wall & glass paints to conserve energy when it comes to energy optimization. These paints contain nanoparticles that help them form a thermo-ceramic layer, facilitating reflection and impacting the heat load. This special paint is an excellent way for us to improve energy conservation without putting the environment at risk.

Emerging home automation and energy optimization solutions have the potential to revolutionize the design and consumption of residential properties completely.

At Fakhruddin Properties, we take you closer to smarter homes and a sustainable environment through every aspect of a Fakhruddin Developed home. 

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